Opened on the 17th September 1928, The New Victoria
was a typical example of the 1920's and 30's super cinema,
with a seating capacity of 2100, as with similar cinemas up
and down the country the accent was on size and design,
uniformed staff, and glittering chandeliers.

Also famous for it’s Wurlitzer Organ and organist,Regional Dixon later to
become the celebrated organist at Blackpool Tower Ball-
room. In April 1954, Cinemascope was introduced and the
film was “How To Marry a Millionaire” and the cinema
change its name to the Gaumont, a further change came in
June of 1973 when the cinema was renamed again to the
Odeon. The closure came in the 80's and the building is still

RITZ CINEMA. Church Street.

Opened on the 23 rd of March 1937, Built at a cost of £45,000 it had a
capacity of 1,650, and was a big talking point in the town. The opening
film at the cinema was George Formby’s “Keep Fit” and in the 50's
boasted about the size of its giant screen, of over 40 ft wide. It is also
proud of booking the film “Dr, NO” and a record of 25,700 people saw
the film in it’s two week run.

Eventually Bingo replaced films on the ground floor and the foyer was
adapted to club facilities. E M I and Bass Coral subsequently had a hand
in the fortunes of the premises, and in March 1956 even Bingo had to go,
After a number of years closure the auditorium was converted into a
skating ring, but this venture failed as well. The main building is still
closed but the foyer area is used for Night club and restaurant facilities.


Opened Christmas in 1915, on the site of an old inn “The Glass
Barrel”, ironically the first film was called “The Man Who Stayed
At Home”, admission prices that year were 3d, 6d, 9d. The Palla
dium was the first cinema in Preston to be allowed Sunday Cinema.

The Ritz and Palladium was bought in 1966 by a Yorkshire
company, Star Holding on condition the Palladium would not
show any more films or run as a Bingo club, eventually bought by
Preston council in 1968 for £45,000 so that it could be demolished
to make way for a service road leading to the Guild Hall complex.
New Victoria Later changed to
Gaumont - Odeon
The Ritz Cinema
The Palladium Cinema